Morning Meditation – The Intersection of Heaven

“You must be born-again…” (John 3:7)

When I was 7, anything was possible.  I could be anything.  I could become whatever I dreamed.  Living in my imagination was fun!  Do you remember the visions of your own unrestrained dreams?

It was only the unbelief of others that taught us differently.

So, when Jesus spoke these words, “You must be born again,” they truly contained the spark for an all-consuming fire you’ve had in you since your earliest years.  A fire that would give birth to an incredible life if we would release it by our belief.

In John 3, Jesus wasn’t talking to a so-called sinner; but a well-educated theologian.  He wasn’t trying to move the atheist to reject their position, or the pagan to repent of their ill-focused life.  Jesus was confronting a Pharisees’ dependence upon his accumulated knowledge and calling him into a life that only heaven could see.

The call of being “born-again” is more than going through the process of getting “saved.”  It is far more than receiving the hope of heaven. Rebirth supernaturally shifts our identity from self-creation to one of divine-creation.

Although some of us might describe a moment where we can say, “I was born-again,” sometimes we forget who we are.  Sometimes we revert to old patterns of living.  Today, would you remember, who you were truly meant to be.  You were intended to be the intersection of heaven and earth—a testimony of what is possible if we believe God rather than ourselves.

Let’s start, today, brand new!

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