Prophetic Insight – Prepare

I shared this about 2 ½ years ago, and felt that it has some implications for you right now. Hear what the Spirit is saying to you…

God is probably more interested in you winning than you are. He loves you and wants to ensure your success. He’s got a plan and an assignment for your life. Truly, the Lord won’t leave you blind, but will gently guide, direct, and lead you in order to produce the greatest outcome.

In His love, Friday night at The Call, God dropped a Word into my spirit: “Over the next 6-8 weeks, you will experience a reprieve in the battle.” It will feel like nothing significant is happening. Why? So that you can appropriate through prayer, study, and research (or any number of other disciplines) whatever is necessary to fulfill God’s assignments in the next season. It is important that we don’t have the mind-set of taking the (season) completely off. It’s not a time to take a rest in the traditional sense. It’s a time to prepare and get what you need to walk with confidence and power in your next steps.

Just as a high school graduate would use their final summer to prepare for their first college semester, we need to prepare for the assignment God has for us in the coming year. Gather resources, pursue revelation, seek mentoring advice from your leaders, read books, do what God puts on your heart to do. Jesus lovingly wants to give you what will strengthen you for the days ahead.

Get ready! These next 8 weeks are for the 10th week and all that follows! So…keep at the core of your faith this knowledge: God has a deep passion for the lost, the hurting and those in darkness…He is preparing you to love and bring His works.

Let’s have fun with this!

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