Morning Meditation – Ripples

“For God so loved the world…” (John 3:16)

While in prayer, I began pondering, for some unknown reason, how small and insignificant I feel in this vast world of over 7 billion people.  It was overwhelming.  It was weighty.  I thought, “Who am I to think I can accomplish anything of meaning in this huge sea of life?”  It was almost too much to handle as I considered my assignment…my destiny.

God is faithful, though!  He always intervenes at the right moment, with the right Word.

Immediately, this picture came to me of a small pebble lying on the shore of a large pond.  Sitting there, it was apparent the small stone was indistinguishable and had no seeming affect on the landscape.  But then, I realized the stone could be picked-up and tossed into the water, producing a ripple that dramatically transforms the entire scene, even affecting the opposite shore.

God began to speak to my heart, and I have to believe He’s speaking to you as well, “You matter.”  In the Father’s hand, you have purpose.  You are chosen.  You are a movement.  He picks-up each one of us as he desires and tosses us into the pond of life.  And…He smiles as the world is transformed by the rippling effect of our existence.

Such a simple Word; but, huge in implication.

It’s easy to negate the importance of the days we’ve been given; to think, “I’m just lying on some insignificant patch of ground, mixed in with all the other stones.”  But the truth, I’m part of a story the Father is unfolding.  I fit.  I’m part of the drama.  I cause ripples that somehow affect what I cannot see, or may never see.

In the midst of our story, let’s be aware that an enemy wars against us, keeping us on the beach, isolating us and causing us to retreat.  His work undetectably abusing our calloused minds…causing us to give away our days without even thinking about it…never really allowing the Father to pick us up and toss us into the unknown story of our existence.

Today, remember the Word of God: God loves you, chooses you, and sent His Son to prove to you that you could trust Him.  So…do what’s in front of you to do.  Say what’s revealed to you to speak.  Create what is wired in your soul to accomplish.  Go where He sends you in the moment.  And at the end of the day…allow God the joy of making ripples in His pond.

4 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – Ripples

  1. Karen Taylor

    We can do anything God tells us to do, as he designed us in that way as long as we believe, obey and trust there is nothing that can get in our way of a relationship with God! Great word Pastor!


    Liked by 1 person

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