Prophetic Insight – It’s in the Culture

There lives a pervasive spirit wreaking havoc amongst people of faith. It blinds them to the possibilities. It offers deceptively quick returns for minimal output of energy. This spirit has robbed from us far too long.

To break-off this callousing agenda, we must give up seeking spiritual strategies for quick results. We need to reject any form of a lottery loaded Christianity, and embrace wholeness through lifelong endurance training. Magical faith must no longer be given room in our theology. We must embrace the path that calls us to grow and testify by trial and fire.

Hear what the Spirit is saying. Allow God to call you into a lifetime of personal transformation through the real molding process of daily disciplined choices. You cannot give away what you’ve not produced through extended times of faithfulness. You were gifted an entire lifetime of living to declare that which God has deposited in you.

The raw truth: the testimony of your life is not what you know, it’s how you have lived. True authoritative testimonies require life’s testing before granting the opportunity to inspire anyone else. Be trained by life and you will have something to say.

Be patient and live! Work what God has given you; and you will have given time the ability to vindicate your story.

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