Prophetic Insight – A Current Battle

I have seen a disturbing trend in this generation.

Why is it that we so easily move from being fond, or even admiring of somebody, to completely questioning their every motive?  How is that we lovingly see people as noble in one instance and despicable in the next?  Do people really move from being all good to ALL bad overnight?

I am convinced, that by our permission, there is a growing spiritual influence in this world that blinds people to God’s purposed design in another.  In this age, this spirit has been given a powerful authoritative foothold, a place of authority, that enables this spirit to bring a blinding deception to even the saints of God.  In the name of being right, or self-righteous faithfulness, it grants those who submit to its influence a false sense of serving a higher cause.  Under the influence of this spirit, we actually believe we’re on God’s side protecting His holiness…as if He needed our protection.

We need to purposely break-off this strategic work of our enemy, now more than ever.  With all the divisive and hateful speech we’re currently witnessing in this nation, it only fuels this spirit even more.  Believe me; this is a now Word of the Lord.

Consider the Gospel of the Kingdom instead.  Look at how Jesus and his disciples defeated this demonically inspired strategy.  When Jesus sent out His 72 on mission to preach the gospel, to heal the sick, and to cast out demons, He declared in the fulfillment of their ministry, “I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven.  Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.” (Luke 10:17-20) By the disciples making it their mission to see others healed and restored, they actually dethroned Satan from a high place!

God is calling.  Let’s take on heaven’s mission of restoration rather than allowing our enemy’s mission to continue destroying another’s story.  Don’t be a tool in the hand of the enemy under the delusion we’re somehow helping God.  Live to heal and restore!

See true destiny in others.  Speak life.  And…love like Christ.

5 thoughts on “Prophetic Insight – A Current Battle

  1. Georgia Kobel

    So quickly related to this- based on FAITH that God alone has given me for a loved one. Faith is continually renewed by focusing on Christ Jesus- the author and finisher of our faith. The impartation of His Spirit enables us to keep loving- no matter what we see- especially when God has deposited in us the knowledge of the loved ones- “divine story.” It’s exciting to see The Lord move in a life and know that, ” you knew that you knew- it was just a matter of HIS timing.” Giving thanks also enables us to keep on believing in love
    , for we know …He works all things for good, to those called according to His purposes. Romans 8:28 G. Kobel

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  2. Pastor, this is so true! Like a light switch; relationships, friendships, and blossoming beginnings are cut off short because of offense, pride, and me-isms. Focus is taken off Jesus and the treasures of others, and turned inwardly/inworldly. This one gets me riled!!!

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