Morning Meditation – There’s a Bigger Plan

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.” (1 Corinthians 9:24, ESV)

Like so many of you, I’ve been hit several times with some nasty bugs over the last couple of months! They annoyed. They distracted. They stole my motivation. They robbed me of my days. But…as I rested in these secluded moments, I was aided by the knowledge that this too shall pass. I will go on with my life with the memory of lost days fading. Joy WILL return!

If you’re like me, sick days are often very surreal. You don’t expect them. They pounce on you with surprise. The fog overwhelms your mind as it creeps in with unrelenting pressure that you cannot ignore. Reality becomes twisted. There is no avoiding it; your body will succumb to the foreign invaders. And once the haze sets in, all reality is lost!

OK…maybe I’m being overly dramatic!

BUT…I write not to wallow or complain. I actually rejoice! For every battle fought, is a battle that transforms. For every conflict we engage; we can trust there is a transfiguration of our reality. All skirmishes have a purpose grander than the initiating intentions. At the end of the day, when the smoke begins to clear, we always have a choice to believe in a grander plan.

Truly, everyday is filled with huge opportunity!

Allow the Lord to bring a strategic shift. For certain, and for all of us, no day exists without some embattled moments. Whether in our minds, bodies, histories, or relationships, something will come up to steal our days. Decide now to stand for what is to come, for the victory that will make you better and wiser. Treat every day as an opportunity, as a launching point for the next level of your growth. Your transformation is another’s blessing.

I’m praying for you even now…may your days bring forth the truth of who you are in Christ!

One thought on “Morning Meditation – There’s a Bigger Plan

  1. Karen Taylor

    I find that as soon as I am clear from the bugs that’s one step closer to my reality, I’m able to continue on my path to follow my Lord!


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