Morning Meditation – We Are All Sick

“Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.” (Mark 2:17, ESV)

I’ve been thinking, lately… As a social experiment, social media has failed.  In its promise to connect and broaden the spheres of our influence, it actually finds new ways of destroying it.  It has, for all its fun and distraction, undermined people’s trust in one another.  It destroys our believing for one another.  You have felt it; I have felt…this undercurrent of self-righteous religiosity growing in the background.  It says, “I’m right; you’re wrong, and if you would only be convinced of my logical facts, you would experience the freedom I possess.”

Well, if you’ve noticed, it’s not helping.

It may be a little cliché, but we need Jesus!  Jesus did not look at another as one condemned, but as one requiring healing.  He didn’t see people as worthy of being put in their place, or even of eternal torture, but as sons and daughters barred from their true creative purpose.  Jesus loved the sick into health!

Hear the call of God: let your eyes be full of light.  See people as Jesus sees them.  Extinguish the atmosphere of disease and brokenness around you.  Be one who truly points to a solution.

May today manifest more miracles than you can imagine!

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