A Quick Note – Believing with You

Good morning, my friends!  Today, I thought I would send a quick personal note…

First, thank you for following me here on believingtoday.com.  Our agreement has more power than we can imagine.  My heart’s desire is simple: to see as many as possible renewed, inspired by the Word of God, and transformed by His powerful presence.  Truly, there exists nothing more powerfully healing, then God’s revelation.

Without His revelatory Word, hope will always evade us, even in this nation.  We live in some very challenging times.  Confusion, emotional upheaval, unbelief, anger, the negative list seems endless.  But, I pray that here you would always find encouragement for your soul, and a deeper perspective of life and eternity—a light in the darkness.

Certainly, we need a revival to reverse what we currently see in this land, but as Jesus revealed, it must be a revival from within rather than without (Luke 17:20).  It’s difficult to embrace the magnitude of the Biblical and spiritual illiteracy in this country, right now, that stands as a barrier to God’s movement.  But, my hope is to partner with you in bringing what only God can manifest in the earth.

How shall we do this? While the world is looking to force others into a mold of their own making, God calls His Church to a courageous faith and lifestyle…bearing our crossdying to self…living passionately for His Word…being led by God’s Spirit in all thingsagreeing with heaven more than our small thinking…where do I stop?  Your answer to such a bold call will do more to revolutionize this world than any debate could ever imagine accomplishing.

Well, I have much more to share, but we’ll let the days ahead do that as we journey and agree together.

Today, may Jesus’ resurrection encourage you to believe God for all His promises.  Let hope rise as we believe for Jesus’ return.  And…let’s agree that His “kingdom (WILL) come on earth as it is in heaven.”

Always believe.

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