Morning Meditation – Limitless

“…whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16b)

Just a few thoughts about a life without limits…

First, your only limitations are the boundaries of your belief.  They tell you where you can or cannot go.  They compel you to stop or to press forward.  What you believe today decides what you will become or not become tomorrow.  Certainly, talent informs your direction…networks influence the circles within which you travel…and education opens doors that would otherwise remain shut…BUT, at the end of the day, your belief tells you where to press for your next breakthrough.

Second, this limitless life finds even fuller expression in the fact that you are more than your own lifetime.  You are a branch in a tree of expanding generations.  You are the product of what has come before you, and the seed of possibilities for future generations.  This is true belief – one that sees beyond itself.  It hopes that what I reach for today will produce what God has ordained for tomorrow while breaking any limitations from our family’s history.  There are no limits to my life when I accept that God’s plan for me involves all of history and is working through me for the generations to come.

This is God’s love – His dream for you, being worked out for all eternity; and His dream for all humanity, being developed throughout the generations.  When our vision fuels a greater dream, then we will understand the potential of our single life.  Believe and love something greater than yourself, and then you will live the limitless life.

One thought on “Morning Meditation – Limitless

  1. In a world were everything seems to be center on “me-isms”, I love that there is a boldness in you, Pastor Jim, which cries out, “Wake up people! It’s not ALL about you; have a true servant’s heart and be led by the Spirit of God for that which God is doing…Now and for the benefit of future generations”. May the generational implications become reality as He has spoken it to be!

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