Morning Meditation – Being Real

“…out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” (Matthew 12:34, ESV)

Sometimes “being me,” or “being real” is not a good thing…especially, if “me” is broken.

What we say creates a reality. It opens doors that would otherwise remain shut…and probably should stay that way. When we exclaim to others, “I’m just being ME,” we could be reaffirming damaged places in our heart that the enemy is using to destroy our true story.

We live in a time where people are so desperate for affirmation and connection that nobody ever stops to think that perhaps we shouldn’t affirm certain potential dysfunction. So instead, in many cases, we have reclassified our flaws and brokenness as normal.

In defiance to such thinking, Jesus came so that I could be healed of “me.” That I would see things from a broader perspective. He came to restore the divinely ordained version of me rather than just accepting me in my dysfunction. Jesus wants me to be “born again” into whom He intended me to be from the beginning. What an awesome gospel!

So…would you consider how you can more faithfully declare who God says you are. Let’s say together, “I am a son/daughter of the King. I am a servant of the Lord. My past is vindicated, and my future is already established. Although I may be struggling, right now, I am already being healed and on my way to true destiny. I choose today to be more than I think I am. I AM victorious in Christ.”

May today manifest more than you can imagine!

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