Morning Meditation – Every Day is Brand New

“For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” (John 1:17)

This deserves an entire books endeavor, but for the sake of a moment of meditation…

Within each of us, a battle rages…and only one can rise as the victor…and no, I’m not speaking of your cravings for your favorite dessert, nor that special pizza!

Jesus referred to it as the battle between Law and grace.  Each has the power to determine the entire course of your life and your ultimate purpose for living.  One leads to frustration and anger, and the other to the fullness of life.  But, they cannot exist together.  They operate under two completely different systems.  The first motivates by fear and condemnation, the second by freedom and affirmation.  Law is always an obligation breeding continual dissatisfaction, while grace empowers you for faith-filled decision making without the burden of making up for the past.

This is the gospel – to believe in this extraordinary provision (grace) of God.  Knowing this: He’s already covered our past, and He has declared security over our future.  With Jesus, you don’t have to make anything happen, you only have to move into what He has already promised.

Today, consider allowing the Spirit of God greater freedom to lead you more fully into your eternal story.  You are free; that is the truth.  You have no contract with the past, nor debt to anyone else’s projection of your future.

Live in the now, and Jesus’ “yoke” will always be easy.

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