Morning Meditation – Supplied

Jesus said to His chosen 72 ambassadors as He sent them out, “Carry no moneybag, no knapsack, no sandals, and greet no one on the road.” (Luke 10:4)

Did our Lord mean for His disciples not to have provision on their journey? Of course not! His admonishments, instead, placed them on a road that God calls all of us to travel–the place where we experience God’s real support.

This is where we find our true divine story…not waiting for it to unfold, but following God’s leading where His provision is required.  Wow!  That can be scary…testing life at the boundaries of our comfort where resources are stretched.

It’s unavoidable; the faith-filled choices God calls us to make will rarely have all the necessary pieces to make it work. But, God will not leave us without. He does not call us to suffer needlessly. He says, “I called you with purpose and mission to fulfill a divine story. On that road, you will have everything you need.  Let me show you how good I am.”

Perhaps, you’ve been holding back from a decision that requires more than you think you have. Trust God. Act. And, see what the Lord does!

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