Morning Meditation – The Wedding Ring

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1, ESV)

I was pulling out of the Fred Meyer parking lot the other day, and I found myself fiddling around with my wedding ring. In that moment, I was overwhelmed with how precious my wife is to me.  My companion in all the joys of life, and my anchor in all storms; she is God’s gift to me that makes life meaningful.  And as those thoughts meandered through my brain, the following words came with resounding clarity, “Make the most of everyday while you have them.”

God could not be clearer.

So many things exist in our lives that we say we love; and so, it is.  But, in the hectic race to find success, rest, or even escape, we miss the opportunities to reveal the true devotion of our heart.  Whether it be our love for the Lord, or for those special ones in our lives, the Lord is calling us not to waste a day.

We’ve been given the gift of time.  It passes without regret.  It moves with unyielding force.  It does not wait for anyone.  It’s simply exists to be captured and focused into undying loving purposes.

So, hear the voice of the Lord, “Make the most of everyday;” for today will not wait for you.

3 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – The Wedding Ring

  1. God’s Word to you has touched my heart as well.
    It seems like life moves forward so fast; yet God made today the same with 24 hours. They are precious in and of themselves; never to be repeated. One opportunity for “today” and those we get to spend it with; no guarantees of tomorrow.

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