Morning Meditation – Higher Challenges

I shared this before, but feel compelled to share again…

This photo captures a truly amazing place on this globe we call earth…it never fails to inspire!

Lying in the middle of the gorgeous landscape that is Washington State, is Chamber’s Bay Golf course. Beautiful to behold, the amazing architecture truly captures the heart of those willing to be challenged at a new level by the game of golf. I’ve only played it once, but had the time of my life enduring the the same young grounds that challenged the professionals in the 2015 US Open.

The experience of new levels always comes by way of a challenge. We don’t get to go higher or further without engaging a contest that forces us to reach beyond what we know we can already attain. Muscles have to be challenged. Minds must be stretched. Souls require a shift in their reality. This is life; it reaches beyond the ordinary. It is the gift of God!

Everyone has been given a place of challenge by which they will grow. Without it, we remain the same. With it, we become more of what was seen at creation. Allow God the privilege of calling you to a better version of you. Enter the place of resistance, not for the sake of the battle, but for the joy of the place already given to you. Choose to become more and embrace the growth of your creative design.

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