Morning Meditation – Make Mistakes

Today, I choose to lead-out! To take greater risks…and to make mistakes!

Kind of strange coming from a pastor, don’t you think? But, I was pondering and praying through the tough stuff in ministry lately, as well as my personal life, and I came across something in my soul. It was FEAR. Right there…hiding at the outskirts of my consciousness. Licking my wounds, and whispering to me, “You can’t really trust him. You really can’t depend on her. You can’t even be sure what God is going to do!”

As I stared into the scene, I was made aware that I’m no different than anyone else. We are all afraid! We don’t want to be fearful, but we are. We’ve been through enough situations that have taught us that things don’t always work out. That friends are not always friends. That our expectations aren’t always met. And so…we question. We hold back. Always hesitating…or worse, hiding.

Given enough time, our anxiety grows, along with our lack of trust. With enough disappointment, that depressive mind begins to influence everything. We end up never fully giving ourselves to what we truly desire. Always holding back something, for fear that we might be rejected or hurt again.

In spite of it all, God has given me a message for you, today. Be confident, my friends! In whatever situation you’re hesitating…go for it! Be bold. It’s always worth it. Your time here is short; this world is not our home. We have nothing to lose. Nothing came with us, and nothing will leave with us…except, our joys.

So, go find your joy!

6 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – Make Mistakes

  1. Felt or not, fear is a lie, because we walk by faith and not our feelings 👆 I thank God He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power love and a sound mind that must be renewed daily. His perfect love casts out all fear, because when we are in His love, fear is not a possibility. The first thing Jesus said we have to do in order to follow Him is to take up our cross and die to outselves, because when we are free from us, we are free from everyone else, fear is destroyed and we are simply free to love! 😍🔥🙏


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