Morning Meditation – Love May Not Be About Love

“God is love.” (1 John 4:8, 16)

Love garners a lot of attention today.  We throw the words out easily.  We pen it.  We scatter it around social media with ease.  It’s as if we believe that simply saying it enough will make it so in our world.

Unless love is connected to something more than just a voice, the message of love can easily become self-serving.  Love for love’s sake is not good enough.  We need a particular kind of love.  God’s love.

Our love is not like God’s.  Although God is love, love is not God.  Our passions are tied to this existence and our experience, but God’s love is tied to an eternal perspective.  He sees the end from the beginning.  He has no ego, nor need for us to return the favor of love.  He just loves.

For us, it’s much more complicated.  We expect our loving actions to be returned in equal measure.  We believe that our sacrificial devotion should be met with the same level of commitment.  Love in our eyes deserves some amount of exchange.  In essence, we tend to see our love as a contractual transaction.

Now, don’t misunderstand.  I’m not suggesting that you should sacrificially give your life for every person out there…that you should be used and abused by the broken.  Such thinking has its own unhealthiness; but nonetheless, we should not make the mistake of thinking that love can be demanded, it can only be given.

So, ponder this as you walk out life today: real love, God’s love, seeks to diminish self, and aid others toward their best.  But realize, you only have so much time, energy and resource.  You are limited; you are not God.  So, choose to love always, be wise where you sacrifice your life, and let God figure out the rest.

7 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – Love May Not Be About Love

  1. Emma Slocum

    I enjoyed where you stated: “Our passions are tied to this existence and our experience” this is very true and so important to remember as we go through our everyday life!

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  2. Amen!! I have always belived that if you are loving expecting something in return then that is truly not loving that is pretty much like shopping. You are paying to get something. I strive every single day to love others with no strings attatched. Every morning and throught the day I pray and ask God to replace my heart with his and help me to see and love all his people the way he does. I know I will never fully comprehend how he loves us but I strive to do my best.

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