Morning Meditation – Agreeing With You

I have loved the Lord, since my youth, for one singular reason – HE IS GOOD!  He showed up when my family did not expect it.  It was supernatural…interventive.  He found a broken and lonely immigrant Korean woman, and healed her of all her issues.

God miraculously transformed and restored our lives!

We were nobody in particular; only a mother and her two boys.  But the Lord in His immeasurable love, looked upon us with compassion, and appeared to my mother and saved her out of her despair.  In one day, everything changed!  Alcohol lost its power.  Cigarettes no longer held their sway.  Mental anguish and the supporting drugs were cast-off.  God’s love met my mother’s helplessness, and we were all are ruined…forever.

You need to know this though, it wasn’t simply for the testimony of healing that God delivered us; it was for the sake of the call to bring His gospel in the earth.

I pray the same for you, today.  That in one day, whatever issue you are facing would be transformed…that you would see differently…and feel differently about your situation.  I am believing today you would find a different kind of healing; and a release that leads to a renewed purpose.  I pray you would know that you are loved beyond measure.

May you see the cross of Christ, today, like never have before.

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