Morning Meditation – You Are Worth the Price

It’s always been around.  Like the seasons of a calendar, it rises and falls with regularity.  Even now, I believe it’s on the increase again; sinking its claws into American culture with ever-increasing vigor and destruction.

The spirit of poverty wears many masks; but it always has the same mode of operation.  It envelops the heart with a calloused apathetic view of life.  It keeps a person from growth; it holds them in check.  It lies to them.  The spirit of poverty binds a person to simply existing rather than engaging life to the fullest.  At its deepest and most insidious purpose, it seeks to impose amnesia of true identity and eternal origin.

We must understand, though, the spirit of poverty has little to do with money, but far more with the wasting-away of self.  It robs us of drive and purpose.  It says, “You don’t deserve anything more than your current lot in life.”  It whispers to us that things will always be the same.  It yells, “Who are you?  Where’s your network?  What talent do you truly have?”  On and on, the spirit accuses like he’s always done.

Instead, would you exclaim today, as the Apostle Paul did, “I want to know (Christ) and the power of His resurrection.” (Philippians 4:10) Believe that being “born-again” is a daily exercise, not in getting to heaven, but becoming what heaven says about you, right now.  Believe that if you were worth dying for; you are worth being led by God into a fuller expression of divine purpose.  Believe the Spirit of God moving you is more powerful than the spirit of poverty working to sedate you.

Life delayed is not living at all…so, embrace what was promised in Christ, and live!

3 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – You Are Worth the Price

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  2. Jeff Holt

    Yes – I believe this affects us far more than we imagine – and I believe it is strong in the Pacific Northwest. The cloud and rain maybe is tied….but I believe also that this is what our Jesus talks about where’s he came to proclaim that we are already free from it…we just have to realize the chains aren’t on the floor and to step away from its influence….preach on my friend, preach on!

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