Morning Meditation – On the Other Side of Fear

Two blind men cried out to Jesus for their healing and His response was simply, “According to your faith be it done to you.” (Matthew 9:29)

Nothing new opens without faith. Faith says there’s something on the other side of my hope. It believes, and therefore it acts. Faith is the expectation of an answer. If there is no expectation of a response, then there is no asking…seeking…or knocking…there’s no pursuit. And without the chase, nothing changes.

Faith is the power behind our decision to move. It’s the force that draws on the necessary revelation for our next decision. As we believe, it gives every impossibility the opportunity to become real.

Denial, doubt and fear, on the other hand, keep us stagnant. They restrain us in holding patterns outside the boundaries of our God-given purposes. They keep us chained to our broken histories. But…on the other side of our fear is every dream answered.

So, let faith release you, today. It’s a decision. God won’t do it for you, but He will respond, though, as you step into His best.

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