Morning Meditation – The Real Voice

“(God), who gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do no exist.” (Romans 4:17b, ESV)

If God, who speaks into the vast darkness of the universe, can produce all we see by merely speaking, He most certainly can speak into our lives and generate something brand new.  Whether we see the possibilities or not, God is not done with us…He’s never done with us.

God is an exciting God—He’s always speaking; and so, He’s always creating.  There are places in our lives that have yet to be created by the Master’s voice—places of void and potential.  It’s in these empty places where the Lord can do His greatest work.  He loves to take that which has no purpose and make it into a vital and growing masterpiece.

Armed with this truth, we must ensure that we don’t let the currently dark places become our identity.  Instead, we must focus on them as places of great opportunity for God…for He will truly make all things new.

So…begin to pray, and let your agreement be the place of God’s creative power for fresh creative vision.  Let Him begin to move you, today, into decisions that will propel you into a lighted future.  Let Him call into existence that which currently does not exist.  And as you move, you will see things begin to creatively unfold into divine purpose.

One thought on “Morning Meditation – The Real Voice

  1. Rob Riggan

    I see nothing but great opportunity for God to create something beyond my comprehension. I believe God! Thank you for this Word, Pastor.


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