Morning Meditation – It’s All in the Pursuit

img_2754“Stay dressed for action and keep your lamps burning.” (Luke 12:35)

No matter age or health, their aggressive behaviors (endless barking at the window) would indicate that my dogs believe that people probably taste good…that foreign dogs to our block are meant to be chased out of the neighborhood.  What they would do with them if they could actually leap through the front window remains to be seen; but their passion is obvious.  I’ve come to believe that this is their greatest joy in life – believing that one day they will get out of the house, catch the neighborhood invaders, and teach them the lesson they so desperately need.

For everything desired in life; pursuit is everything.  It creates our passion.  It transforms our heart.  It gives us meaning.  Without the chase, personal transformation eludes even the best of us.  The hunt gives birth to purpose.

The truth in life – we never arrive; we were never meant to.  We don’t reach the top of the mountain to only sit back, relax, and never move onto new challenges.  Don’t believe the lies of the enemy that say a retirement of no responsibility is life’s highest achievement.  We must live to live.

Even when it comes to our hope in the return of Christ, we stay “dressed for action.”  We “keep our lamps burning,” hoping that our diligent watchfulness will usher us into an unimaginable season.  So, hope in tomorrow, but pursue whatever needs to be hunted today.

Let the chase become life to your bones.

9 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – It’s All in the Pursuit

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        1. Good morning! There are two way’s to add pictures. First, you can add a pic within a post, there is an icon at the bottom of the writing area where choose to add a pic. Depending on the app, web browser, or device you’re using, it will either let you download it directly from your photos, or from the media section in your WordPress account. Once you add the picture, you can highlight the pic and make size and position adjustments. Second, you can also add pic as a “featured image” which places the image as a banner across the top of your post; you can find this feature under “options” (in the upper right hand corner) while writing your blog. I hope this helps.


  1. Amen!!!! we must stay watching and prayer up and ready for whatever battle is coming! I love this devotional. JESUS Is coming back soon! May HE find HIS church, HIS BRIDE, faithful, AND WATCHING, WAITING EXPECTANTLY FOR HIS RETURN!!!!!!


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