Morning Meditation – Without Thought of Return

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.” (Matthew 10:8, NIV)

My highest goal in ministry is pretty simple: to freely give as God has given to us.  I can’t give anything more than what I’ve been given; none of us can.  The Lord has placed in our hands all that we are, and all that we are to give.  We can take no credit for anything.  None of us chose our bodies, our personalities, or our talents.  We just are.  But, in the hands of the master, we become a unique supernatural blessing to all we’ve been sent to strengthen.

In a world of individual successism (yes, I just made-up that word) the strategic development of ourselves for personal gratification has become at times a higher goal.  Just giving without any thought of return is hardly a present-day concept.  In modern America, we have to be part of the equation – we must benefit.

True joy, though, is knowing that I’m simply being true to my divine purpose.  It’s confidently releasing what’s been given to me without the ulterior motives that come with self.  Is it easy?  No!  But, the soul-filling benefits cannot be measured by anything this world considers valuable.

Connect to your why.  Freely give as you’ve been blessed, and you will find your destiny – you will walk in perfect peace…and ultimately, heaven’s gates will open wider.

2 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – Without Thought of Return

  1. Anonymous

    Don’t you think though that we actually can give more than we have because we have access to unlimited resources? I would think healing, tongues, gifts of the spirit, etc are giving of more than we have. You make a statement that sounds pretty absolute and that we as believers are worth nothing. I would think if we are worth nothing and God doesn’t want any credit going to us, why create us? What’s the purpose of being in relationship with us if we aren’t meant to co-labor, co-operate, co-give of His resources? He says we are able to do greater things than even He did so don’t you think we are able to give out even more than we have received because we operate under Heaven’s storehouses? You also said none of us choose our bodies, talents, etc but I think we do through stewardship. He says our bodies are a holy temple. If we don’t take care of them or we choose not to exercise or eat healthy we end up with ailments, overweight, and breaking down. If we choose to be healthy and exercise we have given our bodies so much more potential to thrive and live longer and not be bound by common ailments of overweight, diabetes, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Also, I think everyone chooses their talents. It goes back to why would God create us if we don’t choose anything. If we don’t choose to practice a musical instrument for hours a day for years -you won’t go anywhere with it. Some people begin with more natural talent than others, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t choose it. You probably at some point had to choose to be a pastor, you probably went to school, practiced preaching and preparing sermons and therefore became talented at it. But, it wouldn’t have happened if you (not just God asking you) didn’t choose it. Finally, I just wanted to say that there is nothing wrong with enjoying, celebrating, or taking credit for what God does through us or with us. It’s not prideful, it is enjoying being a part of His work and creation and bring life tot this world. Yes, there are the few who abuse it, but God sees them and we are not their judge. I believe it is important that we also enjoy the good of the kingdom not just preach it. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and has asked me and you to be a part of that glory! If we don’t enjoy it and live it with great pleasure what are we inviting others into? God’s kingdom is meant to be extravagantly enjoyed and partaken in or He wouldn’t have bothered to send His Son to make sure we could be a part of it.
    I know you’re probably a good man and mean well but I came across this blog in my online search today and just thought I’d offer some different thoughts since I hear a lot of “humans mean nothing” teachings these days.


    1. Thank you for your thoughts, I believe that much of what you’ve outlined is true. But I’m certain that I did not ommunicate that “we are worth nothing.” My devotional has no intent in addressing the issues you brought. Thank you for your passion for people and their experience of the Father’s love.


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