Morning Meditation – The Hunt

“Seek me and live.” (Amos 5:4)

Do you remember the intensity and fun of playing hide-n-seek?  The great journeys on our bicycles?  The youthful pursuit of career, marriage, and wealth?

We are designed for pursuit.  It’s all about the hunt – the need to discover what was hidden, to find what has never been seen.  We can’t help it.  Something in us says, “You need to discover.  You must find.  Mine the depths of that which has never been mined before.”

When God says, “Seek me and live,” this is what He is tapping into – the deeply seeded drive in every person to find meaning and satisfaction.  His hope is that the internal draw He placed in you would ultimately bring you back to Him, and in finding Him, we would live to the fullest of our design.

So…fight the temptation to back-off, to take the easy road.  Let that which is in you drive you to places that only God can show you.  Be more than you currently are.  It’s in the hunt that we find our true meaning.

3 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – The Hunt

  1. I love this. Discover what was hidden, find what has never been seen before! Great word Pastor! Had a very encouraging conversation with Pastor Melissa last night and this reminds me of it. The desire to find what is there that hasn’t been seen.

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