Morning Meditation – More Than a Thought

“…faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” (James 2:17, ESV)

I want to be better…stronger…healthier…achieve more…

Sort of…I guess.

Intention is not enough.  That which we know and believe in our hearts can never fully describe who we really are.  Only what we do will reveal the true beliefs of our internal ponderings.  Of all truths, I don’t know of a more difficult one to face.

Certainly, what is in my heart and mind matters.  For it is from these depths, my life will produce fruit.  But, it’s easy to think that if I think it and feel it in my heart, that’s enough to vindicate my lack of action.  In opposition, the Apostle James, no matter how we cut and slice his words – with surgical precision – reminds us that faith without action is meaningless.  Ouch!

So, before we reject James’ teaching for the sake of protecting ourselves from the religious spirit, let the Spirit of God encourage you.  Don’t be distracted by the mere existence of your intellectualized truth.  What you know is not enough to truly communicate the love of God.  I can believe in all the powers of heaven, proclaim to others the depths of my spiritual understandings, but at the end of the day, my only real testimony will be how I responded to the truth in everyday life.

Let real love win!

4 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – More Than a Thought

  1. Barb Maines

    It goes hand in hand, just as the evidence in an unbelievers is “seen” in their disobedient actions, the evidence for the believer should be seen by the transformed life in that believer.. We say ” wow, what happened to my friend? They used to hang out with us and get drunk and party now they don’t do it anymore” I like the scripture Philemon 1:6 where Paul prays for the church to communicate or share its faith with others so it it will grip their hearts and lives as they SEE the wealth of good things in us that come from Christ Jesus! Faith and works together.

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