Morning Meditation – After the Father’s Heart

“Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful.” (Luke 6:36)

Mercy is not earned; it is given.  It says I see a need and I will make provision for it.  It is the gift of one sensitive heart for another’s blessing, regardless of another’s ability to repay.

In contrast, in our humanity, we tend to see through the lens of checks and balances.  We see people as deserving whatever blessing or curse they get.  We believe, from the poorest to the wealthiest, the consequences of our choices should eventually bear themselves out.

Let this inspire you instead: we don’t deserve Jesus’ selfless sacrifice.  We did not ask Jesus to die for us, but because it is the heart of the Father to be merciful, Jesus was willing to go to the extreme.  The Father and His Son gave us the gift of life while we were still ignorant of His gift.  This is the definition of mercy.  Their heart and action of mercy overshadowed every shortcoming we possessed.

I believe the greatest test of the Father’s mercy in us is not necessarily giving to the disenfranchised, or toward those who obviously need critical relief.  The most difficult people to gift are those who have wronged us, or those we consider deserving of judgment.  But, it is exactly these people God calls us to show mercy – for this is the Father’s heart.

Give the gift of mercy whether you believe people deserve it or not, simply because the Father did that for you.  It’s only in the atmosphere of mercy and forgiveness do people truly transform.  When we go the extra mile and grant people the gift of love, whether deserving or not, that’s when the world changes.

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