Morning Meditation – Drawing on Heaven

“And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” (Mark 2:5, ESV)

Faith moves.  It acts.  It chases.  It pursues until it sees that for which it longs.  Faith is the only power that draws on heaven’s compassion.  It’s not our righteousness that pulls on the heart of God; it’s our hungry soul that connects to the Father’s heart for our best.

So, how do you grow in this kind of faith?  Do you just fake it until you make it?  For certain, there are times where we just simply have to do the right thing regardless of our desires, but I believe that there is a deeper thing we can also do.

Here it is: stir up your deepest hunger, not just for your favorite meals, but for that which you’ve been created to create; and you’ll add fuel to the fire of your faith.  Get in touch with what you desire most.  Convert it into purposeful living, and you’ll see yourself naturally making the sacrifices that faith demands.  And in the atmosphere of such belief, God will walk hand in hand with you until His power is manifest in your journey.

And when it’s all said done…have fun with it!

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