Morning Meditation – The Sum of All Things

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13, NIV)

Good morning, my friends!  I pray these words find you all doing better than expected, and if not, may your heart be filled with faith for what is to come.  God is good!  And His goodness will ultimately be revealed to you, no matter what it may look like right now.

For this reason, scriptures are clear about what the true measures of success are.  It comes down to three words: faith, hope, and love.  It’s not what you achieve, or what you leave.  It’s who you become.  As any good parent would attest, their child’s career choices do not define them near as much as their heart and spirit.  Ultimately, these parents know the truth, that their child’s internal fortitude will produce everything necessary in its time.

In a culture, where achievement is prized more than anything else; we have lost the art of personal development as the road to perfect peace.  We have tied peace to what we receive, rather than how we respond.  But, God has given us a better road to travel.

So, let me encourage you on this new day to make this your central mission in life: choose by FAITH, move by HOPE, and give by selfless LOVE.  In the end, when these drive your life, you will always find God’s peace when you lie down to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – The Sum of All Things

  1. As I read this, it came to me as the father’s (Father’s) heart for his children; words of wisdom that we would take from what you have learned (has been revealed) to receive/apply it as truth…and prosper in it’s freedom.
    It could of easily been a Father’s Day post! Thank you for leading us with a heart after God’s (I say with tears streaming down my face)!


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