Prophetic Insight – A Deeper People

What does God wish to stir in His people? A belief for miracles? A faith for their healing? A hope for a fresh move of God?

From one perspective, I would say, “Absolutely, yes, without doubt!” But on another level, I believe God is telling me He wishes for far more.

Although the hopes for a release of the supernatural are truly noble, and do yield the supernatural fruit for which we hunger, His Spirit desires something far greater than the temporary elation of an experience. He wants us to go deeper and become a deeper people—to be better than our natural instincts.

Without trying to be cryptic…the days ahead will actually require this depth.

The Word has already promised us eternity and all the supernatural graces of His kingdom. There is nothing more that the Lord could offer us that we don’t already have through the cross of Christ. But there is a higher truth that we must learn to receive…we must believe that no matter the results of our prayers, we are loved…that we are more than the sum of our experienced miracles. His Spirit in us gives us a victory greater than that which can be measured in the flesh.

Again, the days ahead will require a deeper people.

Remember His Word to us, “We are more than conquerors!” We have already won in every situation. So, what shall we believe, then? We will believe for all things impossible, for that is faith’s work; and while our faith is working, we will walk by the assurance that our hope will give birth to something we cannot imagine.

Again, the days ahead will require a deeper people.

8 thoughts on “Prophetic Insight – A Deeper People

  1. Mike

    When the church learns to bring people into the kingdom the right way the first time, that deepness will be there from the beginning of their born again life with Jesus. They need to repent toward God, be immediately baptized in water to Jesus so they can die with Christ and leave the old person in the water and immediately be baptized in the the Holy Spirit to be empowered to walk out the new born again life. Of course any demons must be cast out as well. After this initial experience, they can be discipled and go out right away and do the same for others – the signs, wonders and miracles will be the physical manifestation of the deeper person that the world desperately needs from the church for the days ahead. We need to get back to the book of Acts and model the church after what we see there and of course the life and words of Jesus himself.


  2. joyfullyhis1

    Reading the Word is super important but I find I make a lot of decisions “off the cuff” and am now re-evaluating this action. I want to really develop an ear for the Spirits leading. I’m redoing my place and pulled everything out of all storage and closets here. In the middle of the big mess I have, I became frustrated not knowing how to get ready for the new carpet and furniture coming, what to keep and what to store and how to make it all fit in the space I have. Then, I just asked the “Wise Logistics One :)” …Holy Spirit “how do I redistribute and organize the stuff I have”. Immediately, as if He’s been waiting, He gave me the first steps then, as the day went on, laid out a whole plan that I wrote down. Now that’s not life or death, but it’s a development of a deeper relationship. As we see our world systems falling apart at the seams, we will need to KNOW our triune God and His voice both in Logos and Rhema!

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  3. This word stirs deep within; that we (as a people of believers in Jesus) would hunger & thirst for His intended Righteousness and not that which we can fabricate, manipulate, or perform. That we would not define holiness by our own knowledge & experience, but come in under His Greater Understanding of that which we have yet to know. That our surrender would not be based off what we have seen, but truly off what we have yet to step into–but that which HE is calling us too.
    There is FIRE inside me over this post!!!

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