Morning Meditation – In Secret

“And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” (Matthew 6:4, ESV)

Much of the “Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew 5-7) confronts our human longing to be recognized and have control over others…and perhaps, even God. With surgical precision, Jesus dissects the motives lurking behind every endeavor of our lives. From prayer…to giving…and even to how we treat our enemies, Jesus goes to the heart of the Kingdom of God.

I believe that throughout His discourse Jesus is asking a solitary question—will we be content being who our Father has designed us to be regardless of other’s awareness of it? Jesus’ highest concern is why do we do what we do. Do we do things for personal benefit, or are we glad to simply do what is right because that’s who we are?

There is no freedom like being free from our perception of what others perceive of us. Whether it is to bring condemnation or vindication, when we bind ourselves to another’s heart, we are in bondage. You were born to be the sons and daughters of God—people who have nothing to prove; people who are already justified.

Jesus gifts us with the ultimate test: will the reward in secret be enough for us? Be glad to be who God has asked you to be. Don’t think how others will repay you, nor how to ensure your enemies will get their just due. Trust your Heavenly Father—that what He sees in secret will be enough.

5 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – In Secret

  1. joyfullyhis1

    Years ago I attended a church in Tulsa and they had a bookstore/ gift store that they needed a a manager for. Their previous manager had passed away and they were asking for applications from the congregation. It was a big church and they ran a big bookstore. As the applications came in, the Pastor saw that there were several that had all the right qualifications both in experience and degrees. At the time, there was a woman who had been a big help in the bookstore having given her time volunteering for years. She also applied for the position but did not have the credentials the other applicants had. She got the job! Why? She would come to the bookstore before and after service and do other things around the church when there were very few that saw her faithfulness. She was trustworthy to be where she purposed to be. The Lord saw her in every step she took and exhaled her! Not only did she get the job, this well known Pastor used her example of this very scripture when teaching it!

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  2. joyfullyhis1

    Years ago I heard a pastor talk about His churches book store needing a manager as the current one had passed away. It was a large church with a large book store ministry. Several people applied. In reviewing the applications, the pastor noted the qualifications were pretty remarkable.


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