Morning Meditation – A Seeking Generation

“Such is the generation of those who seek Him, who seek the face of the God of Jacob.” (Psalm 24:6, ESV)

Prophetically speaking, there will be a generation that will walk in the fullness of God’s presence and blessing.  They will walk in an unprecedented level of purpose, success, and joy.  Overwhelming peace will be theirs all the days of their life.

If you read all of Psalm 24, you will find this prophetic call tying heaven’s blessing to our devotion to having “clean hands and a pure heart, and…not [lifting] up [our] soul to what is false…” (Ps. 24:4).  It’s hard to feel the words of this truth in today’s milieu of relativistic humanism.  But nonetheless, His promises have never lost their tie to heaven’s expectation of our submissive hearts.  In a culture where personal affirmation is king, it’s very difficult, nigh impossible, to understand the spiritual implications of such scripture.  We truly don’t think in terms of what God calls righteous and unrighteous.  But the Lord is clear; what He thinks about our heart-felt choices matter to Him.  He can’t help it; He is a good, good Father.

Through Christ, we may have every promise of God released by His grace, but it is still through our faithfulness that we appropriate them.  May we pray, today, that the Spirit of the Lord would reveal to us what He would require for the next level of freedom.  Let’s even agree today for the goodness of God to be released as we obey what He has placed in front of us to believe.

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