Morning Meditation – When You Least Expect It

“Then He began to denounce the cities where most of His mighty works had been done, because they did not repent.” (Matthew 11:20, ESV)

Even when you get all the words right, it may not be enough. Jesus could even show up in displays of power and might, and it still may not be enough to turn the hardest heart. It was true in Jesus’ day, and so it is in ours.

Only when we give up being our own god, do our eyes open and see the truth. We’re able to see the evidence and recognize that there is something far greater than ourselves. Humility breeds a believing heart. Faith says, “I turn and yield to the obvious truth that love placed me here, and His love demands my attention.” Self-rule will always blind us; but humility will always free us.

So…be open. God loves you; He could show up at any time. Most likely, it will be through a vessel and means you did not anticipate. The Lord usually shows up when we least expect it, and often in a still small voice. But, when we respond, when we repent, then doors begin to open.

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