A Personal Note – It Won’t Be Long

Good morning, All! Here’s a pic of us on vacation!

As many of you are already aware, my wife and I are taking a very needed and important time away. So, you probably won’t see much of me here on my blog for the next few weeks; but no worries, I’ll be back to my normal writing soon after Labor Day.

In the mean time, I would ask you to pray for my beautiful bride and me. First and foremost, I believe that the Lord will not only refresh our bodies, but will also instill in us fresh vision for the ministry He has bestowed upon us. My heart is truly excited for not only the days to come, but the years and decades! I believe the message and ministry our Lord has placed in us must go to new levels. So, pray and believe with us. Let’s believe that all obstacles the enemy may place in our way will be ineffectual, and that the Word and Spirit He has given us will revive all who come in contact with it.

My heart longs to see the gospel of our Lord heard as it should be…unencumbered by the world and all its counterfeit agendas. I long to see every body healed and restored to their divine call as sons and daughters of the King. I long to see everyone come to know the goodness of our God under the power of His Spirit. I have no other agenda. To this end I shall live until I see him face to face.

I love you all with the love of the Father.

Maranatha, Lord!

5 thoughts on “A Personal Note – It Won’t Be Long

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  2. joyfullyhis1

    I want to see us coming together in such spiritual care and love that every spiritual AND natural need is met! That we have storehouses full to even spill out beyond our church. Faith and works our testimony! I know it’s coming!


  3. G. Kobel

    Gods mighty spirit and power BE upon you for refreshing. To know and hear your heart toward the saints draws ours toward “HIM”……sooooooo thsnkful for HIS. divine Story in the life of the two of you- a. peace-filled covering!!

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  4. Believing & longing with you; knowing His greater good is being accomplished; praying in agreement by the Spirit.
    May you both know His strength, revelation, vision, and healing, as you rest & refresh. May your eyes see anew and hearts be inflamed (in greater measure) of His great love.

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