Morning Meditation — How Open Are You?

Consider Joshua 1.

Most of us, when we read this, we imagine ourselves as Joshua – facing a daunting but grand future, and God calling us to be brave as we possess our “Promised Land.”  We see courage in the midst of God making us great.  But, the truth is 99.9% of us were never meant to be Joshua.  So, when God says, “Be strong and courageous…”He might be envisioning something far different than what we see.

First, let’s understand that the Lord’s calling is not necessarily about making radical decisions to produce radical outcomes.  He’s simply calling upon our hearts to put aside their natural affections to embrace the place of divine assignment.  So that, whatever is produced is produced for the sake of a deeper cause…no matter what it looks like.

Second, courage has little to do with leading us to success as the world sees it.  The real truth: your bank account and prestige do not describe courageous success.  Being who God has asked you to be, regardless of the climate, that’s courage.  God is far more concerned about who you are, your reactions, and the message you bear, than how many people you win to yourself.

I believe this devotional is for someone very specific: we must learn to believe, that at times, it takes far more courage to have an average looking life than one filled with glory.  Imagine this…what if the Lord began to fill your heart with visions of a life that looked like Mother Theresa.  Would you still be excited about living for destiny?

If we’re not open to all of God’s possibilities, then are we truly listening?

6 thoughts on “Morning Meditation — How Open Are You?

  1. I always enjoy reading these Jim, it is a good way to start the day, I suppose in life we always want more, that is human nature, I am thankful for what I have now, I have had more and as we know in life things happen. I truly believe that God knows our struggles and is always there for us. I have more Spiritually than I have ever had before through different things that have happened especially the last 3-5 years. I am thankful for the gift from God because without it I would be lost.

    I don’t believe God will ever give us more than we can handle I just must remain Faithful to him and I admit that sometimes I am weak, but I also know that all I have to do is Pray and he will listen to me and give me the direction I need to take. I appreciate what I have now and try not to worry about things that are not important. God in my life and my Family that I have are the most important things, I really believe that sometimes less is actually more.



  2. joyfullyhis1

    As individuals, no one else comes in contact with the people that cross our paths as we are out and about in our jobs and communities. This “God planned networking” is what makes us all share in greatness and His glory as we all go about doing what simply is set before us. ( consider the ant)

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  3. AMEN! Very powerful and your message is very well received!

    I love it how the body of Christ speak on one accord! My devotional today was very similar! I was expressing the attributes of the HOLY SPIRIT and how we are not called to change the world but we are in fact CALLED TO DO SOMETHING! Our something is and should be GLORIFYING GOD, always. We are not living life fully until we live out our GOD GIVEN purpose! It took me way too long to figure this out too, but I am finally living it!

    Thank you for your devotionals Pastor!

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