Morning Meditation – It’s Unavoidable

I hate diets. I hate having to think I need to control what goes through my mouth. I like food…actually, I love food! Like all of you, without a strong freight train of motivation, you cannot make me stop eating bacon! BUT…not long ago, I was faced with the reality that I could not keep living the way I’ve been living. The freight train hit me! My health issues demanded a shift in my eating plan. Looking at me, you would never guess a shift was needed, but my blood chemistries demanded it.

Now, consider Jesus.

“As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.” (Ephesians 4:1, ESV)

Believing in Christ is not simply the acceptance of eternal life. It’s more than just recognizing that God loves us and wants our best. We must believe that the new found relationship demands an altering of my reality. Following Him means that there is dramatic shift in all that we are and all that we do. We can’t say that we follow Him, and continue to walk as the rest of the world. The truth that we’ve come to believe demands that our everyday experience changes.

A great life in the Lord is waiting for you out there, today. But, you gotta say, “Yes,” to it. Make it fun; don’t make it a burden. Allow the adventure with Jesus call you into the unimaginable!

4 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – It’s Unavoidable

  1. joyfullyhis1

    UGH! Discipline! It is an interesting word. We loath it, yet it brings more satisfaction than the lack of it. We can’t diet or serve the Lord without it. Likewise, we can’t be disciplined without something in us taking control. Like Paul describes as the war of the two natures, the one (“self”) wants to do whatever feels good, the other (“control”) is full of discipline. Much of the time “self control” goes well but, too often, control has to grab a hold of self who goes kicking and screaming!

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  2. William B

    To quote Henry T. Blackaby “When you come to a moment of truth when you must choose whether to obey God, you cannot obey Him unless you believe and trust Him. You cannot believe and trust Him, unless you love Him. You cannot love Him unless you know Him.”


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