Morning Meditation – His Voice

We are vessels of good news. We bear the gospel of God’s love and kindness. We embody God’s glory in the earth.

And…all hell is fighting you!

The Church needs to understand, at a new depth, that this is real. It’s happening all around them—a deliberate strategic work to set them at odds against God and one another. I see it everyday…and it’s only ramping up. Fear is everywhere.

There is a war in the heavenlies spilling over into our health and every relationship around us. I see sickness at levels I’ve never seen before. I hear Christians spewing out hatred in ways that I thought would be impossible. Now, I am no doom and gloom preacher, at least not normally, but what I see around me grieves me. What I see happening among the sheep I shepherd can at times be overwhelming. There is pain everywhere.

We must stand together and pray. We must decide we will not respond like the rest of the world. The devil knows that if he can keep us under enough pressure and pain long enough, we might break. But, we must rise up and remain the vessels of God’s glory and love in the earth. We must bring what God brings and not what our reactionary emotions want to dictate.

We must be His voice, not ours.

9 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – His Voice

  1. Wow!!! GREAT MESSAGE!!!!!
    So absolutely true!

    Satan’s time is short so he’s busy! He stirs up the racism and division in our country too! I myself have found the deeper I go within my walk with the LORD, the more I experience the attacks of Satan.
    We must keep persevering though and act on TRUTH, not those feelings!

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  2. Bonnie Simmons

    It’s definitely a season of all out assault on the body of Christ! We must be ever vigilant in our prayer closets & be clothed in His armor Eph6:12! People aren’t the enemy, circumstances aren’t the Gospel, and Jesus is THE only answer!

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  3. I sometimes wonder if some of the Churchs are more worried about financial gain then they are about the people that put their Faith in the Leaders of the Church. It takes us all to lead not just one person and we all must fight the evil and the Devil together and make our voices heard that without God there is no hope.

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  4. This post gives new depth of meaning to the term “heaven invading earth”; it is, and we are, and there is an actual physical response (fight) ensuing.
    On Earth as it is in heaven WILL BE; it’s already written.
    Standing with you!!!

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