Morning Meditation – It’s Only a Memory

“No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:62, ESV)

Being “unfit for the Kingdom” can feel like words of judgment, but in reality, they point to a very simple principle of life…the past cannot contain your future!  God does not move by what was or what we hoped would happen.  The future is sown with our eyes set forward.

In order to truly be free, we must stand on this truth: what was is gone.  It’s dead.  Jesus has covered it by His blood.  Although people may remind us of our past, that’s not who we are.  Some people can’t go with us into God’s designed journey. Yes, we make mistakes, but yesterday’s errors have little to do with today’s decisions.  Let it all go.  God has erased them.

Every morning is brand new!  Greet every day with the understanding that yesterday has no hold on you.  Simply keep your eyes set forward toward the prize, and let God begin to unfold His beautifully orchestrated plans.

7 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – It’s Only a Memory

  1. This has always been one of my biggest obstacles, my past has always been hard for me to put behind and I will admit I still sometimes struggle with it, I know that I have been forgiven and I need not worry only through prayer and my Faith I know it will be ok because of God. I have to work on it daily. I just want you to know that its nice to be able to have the encouragement that people like you bring I appreciate everything that you do.

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