Morning Meditation – It’s Crazy

Love is crazy…like nuts!

I mean real love.  God’s kind of love.  The love that absolutely “keeps no record of wrongs.”

Enemies do not exist with this kind of love.  It is not plagued with memories, hurts and offenses.  It doesn’t create stories around people that give us permission to disregard or dislike another.  Love always sees the potential—always believes there’s a better story.

I know how this sounds.  I know what you would say…that if we love this way, we’re only giving people permission to continue in their brokenness and stupidity.  But that’s the point, how will anyone become something more than they are if we keep them imprisoned to our own version of them?

Remember…Jesus did not do that with you.  He didn’t count you out when you ignored Him, went your own way, or acted completely for yourself.  He died a brutal death; and in that, saved you even while you were His enemy…hmmm… “while you were still His enemy.”

Just a quick thought for today…

4 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – It’s Crazy

  1. joyfullyhis1

    This is so liberating! I don’t like the feeling I have when I judge someone, or write them off. If I truly believe Psm139:16, that while our substance was still unformed, God had written our life story. That story or path, it belongs to God. Therefore, how can Ioving a person, even while in the depth of their sin, change Gods plan for them?! I feel so much better smiling at them, giving hugs, letting them know they are loved, praying for them, and putting them where they belong, in Gods hands.

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