It’s Better If You Give In

“…and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

Freedom is not in what’s coming, but in what IS right now.

I have been thinking a lot lately…and I mean a lot! Perhaps not anymore than anyone else; but from my observation of what randomly and daily goes through my brain, I can’t seem to get away from the vocal bombardment in my mind: “It’s better than we think…like way better!”

I want better! At least, I think I do. But better may mean embracing thoughts and a course of action that may lead me away from what I know…from what is secure.

Any adventure is like that, though, and life is like that. You discover what you were not aware of before. It becomes truth; and now, you have to do something about it!

Are you on the edge of discovery? If so, embrace it. If not, it’s just around the corner if you wish it. God is already drawing you; you just have to let go of what is currently making you secure.

We are all in it together. We got one life to live. Let’s have fun with it.

See you Sunday morning at Zion’s River (Tacoma, WA)…or online!

3 thoughts on “It’s Better If You Give In

  1. Hum…
    I must be on the right road, because some of what makes me feel secure is being shaken and I am very very very aware of it.
    I likewise want better; absostinkinlutely choosing God’s adventure for me.
    New chapter unfolding…

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  2. joyfullyhis1

    Just like the new position as a break relief nurse at my job. After years of not getting adequate breaks in any hospital, my hospital gets sued and the courts side with the nurses and mandate opening positions of break relief nurse. Now I am going to be one of these relief nurses. It’s a new position and adventure! Something never done before this . So. you never know what change may come that moves you into a new adventure! Looking forward to 2018 with a God who’s on the move!

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  3. Great message

    We are living in some for real exciting times!
    We are on the brink of Zechariah 12 and Ezekiel 38 and 39 being fulfilled!
    Who would have ever thought in their wildest dreams or imagination that GOD would use Donald Trump to anoint and appoint to bring us right into these end time prophecies that are indeed unfolding right before our very eyes!!!

    Amazing GOD is!!

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