Morning Meditation – Like Our Father

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35, ESV)

I looked at myself and the question arose: “Does my personal leadership bring this kind of heart?”

Jesus was hated because he loved much. More than all other accusations…more than any single teaching…His love is what the religious could not stand. He forgave everyone! He healed regardless of the seeker’s motivation. He did not believe for the talented; or the upcoming star. He touched and raised up those who had no capacity to raise up themselves.

Today, our biggest question may be, “Who am I?” Perhaps the better question is, “Who is everyone else to me?”

I am finding that to love in this way is the only route to our own healing. For only when we are consumed by His love within, does every ugly thing get pushed out.

“God is love.” So, Jesus loved…not by a choice, but because He IS love just like His father.

You and I are sons and daughters of this King. In us is the same potential: we do not love simply because it’s something we should choose to do, but because we ARE love like our Father within us.

6 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – Like Our Father

  1. Good words Jim, sometimes people ask how I can still love some people that have done wrong to me, I don’t see how I cant because of my love for God he loves us without question, I am so thankful for all his love for us.

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  2. joyfullyhis1

    Yesterday a young woman showed up on my doorstep, her life a hot mess , and, I must admit, someone I have never liked. At first I didn’t know who it was lurking out on my patio, but seeing her face, I suddenly saw a broken life in those eyes. I let her in and fed her and let her sleep on my couch. She left in the morning. But after reading your meditation, I realize what motivated me to give her temporary refuge, my Lord the lover. Was this a test? If so, I can only be thankful I chose love rather than judgement!

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