Morning Meditation – Deep Within

“For God so loved the world…”

Touching the hand of your first love…lifting a child into your arms…emptying your bank account for your first puppy…

On and on, our experiences keep screaming at us, “These are the only things that are real.”

No word exists, greater in scope and power, than the word love.  We know it because we feel it.  It’s there whenever we watch a movie.  It finds us at the touch of a hand.  It heals us while in the presence of our friends.  Love means something.

These moments and our reaction to them cannot simply be the residual effects of neurons firing in the brain.  These moments have meaning; and if they are meaningful, then you are more than the product of DNA.  You are a living soul; born with intention—to be like your heavenly Father—to be light and love.

To receive love and to express love, this is not a small task as we are bombarded by the darkness in the world.  We want to retaliate and/or retreat into our isolation.  We want to respond in equal measure to the negative that is wrought against us.

But, you know you cannot; that is a lie.  Resist the temptation to be like the world.  You are the son and daughter of a divine Father.  Give into who you were really meant to be; and your best life will be produced.

3 thoughts on “Morning Meditation – Deep Within

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