Journey 2018 – Black Licorice Ice Cream

Until you get it on your face, you don’t really know what it is to eat black licorice ice cream! As you can see, it’s obviously an experience.

Knowledge will never define you as much as what you actually do in real life. You become what you do, not what you hear or read about. Although study is critical for growth, and reading others will inspire change, at some point, you must live-out your calling in the concrete world before it becomes real—or until it becomes who you are.

This is what makes “Journey 2018” so important, especially now. It’s critical that we give into the lifestyle of the deepest desires of our heart. We cannot know our true joy or the satisfaction of becoming if we’re always waiting for others to lift us up. Only you can choose to live to live!

Obviously, the truth of this is not hard to understand. I will never have a clue about scuba diving if all I have done is watched HD videos of others doing it. I can’t understand parenting until I have to parent children that won’t listen to me. I won’t really know what it is to produce art until I put a brush to canvas, or a camera to living situations.

Experiencing your faith-filled choices transforms us in way like nothing else can.

It’s pretty simple, as the Apostle James says, “…faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” (James 2:17, ESV) The accumulation and sharing of knowledge alone will not make you trustworthy. Power comes because I act on what is in my heart to do.

In my own ministry, I didn’t understand the power of prophecy until I got on a plane, flew across the country, to arrive in place I’ve never been before, simply because I had a vision that compelled me to deliver a message to a complete stranger! Prior to that experience, I could teach the theology of prophecy; I could teach you what the Bible promised about prophecy, but until it cost me, did I understand prophecy.

Truly, you can only preach and teach what you have risked in your own life.

May the Spirit of our Lord encourage you greatly in this new season. Unlock the true you by being what you say you love. Don’t work to impress others until you impress upon your own mind the joy of doing what matters to you most.

Love you all!

2 thoughts on “Journey 2018 – Black Licorice Ice Cream

  1. Amen! Faith without works is NO FAITH at all!

    Faith causes us to act and live differently. Real Faith though shows if you really do believe in GOD’S existence, and by Faith, causes changed actions for your life. Faith in JESUS causes “natural change”, so we in CHRIST want to live purposely and differently for HIM. 🤗

    As always, GOOD Word. I love the photo too!

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