Journey 2018 – It’s Meant to Be a Mystery

Sunsets are gorgeous.  They do something to our soul like nothing else.  As we stare into the distance, it’s easy to ponder the beauty of what we see, and the meaning of our existence—our place in it all; but, as soon as we walk away from the scene, we easily forget the beauty of where we’re going, and how the present flows with purpose into our destiny.

I would like to take a moment and remind you that we’re on a journey.  We have not arrived, and perhaps, we never will.  Journeys go on without end; and step by step—we give in a little more to the path laid before us.

We would rather, though, predict and anticipate every turn in our lives. We almost treat God like He’s meant to be our GPS. But…as good as it is to have GPS on our electronic devices, it takes away some of the fun in our walk of discovery.  Destination alone is not the complete picture.  We may be on our way somewhere, but I’m living in the now while I’m on my way.

We need to accept that what we’re becoming finds its fullest expression in the entire length of the stream that is our life.  And what’s even more powerful, is that our stream is unique.  It has its own twists and turns.  We don’t resemble anyone else, nor is our potential the same as the person next to us.  And while our uniqueness can be encouraging, it can also be frustrating, because it removes my predictability and control of every step toward my perfect sunset.

The huge truth most overlook is that on our journey of BECOMING you’ve never been this way before.  It reminds me of what the Lord said to Israel as they were about to cross the Jordan River into the Promised Land, “As soon as you see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God being carried by the Levitical priests, then you shall set out form your place and follow it…Do not come near it, in order that you may know the way you shall go, for you have not passed this way before.” (Joshua 3:4, ESV)

What God has laid before you is an unknown road.  Between where you are and the sunset, your path is a mystery.  BUT, God’s presence will go before you!

What an exciting proposition of our faith walk!  God knows you perfectly.  He knows where your road will ultimately take you.  And His gift to you in the process, more than any other promise, is His presence.

You’re not supposed to know the future.  You’re not wired to see it.  You’re meant to trust…to believe…to reach down within and discover how truly powerful you are in Christ.  A mysterious future pulls and draws; it creates intrigue and mystery.  The drama gives us meaning as we fight for what we believe God has promised.

Our task in the “art of becoming” is learning to flourish in the now battle.  If there is no battle for new land, then there is no purpose in life.  We’re meant to grow and expand—to become something we weren’t yesterday.  As much as we don’t like it, the joy of life finds meaning in this fight for the next day.

Find your purpose in the mystery!  If you could wield your faith in prayer, and make anything you want happen, and produce any miracle you desire, then our Christianity, and even life itself, would be meaningless.  Life is full of bends, turns and mysteries—each calling to our boldness to reach forward with anticipation for what we cannot see.

And when it turns out different than what we expected, we thank the Lord for trusting in us with the precious gift of our faith for an unbelievably courageous journey.

You, along with God, are the meaning in the mystery of your journey. You are the answer nobody else can give.  You will be the vision necessary for a future you cannot imagine.  No matter how small or great, simply be the response to the heart cry of a person you may never know.

7 thoughts on “Journey 2018 – It’s Meant to Be a Mystery

  1. I think God has created us for the adventure, I find even at 70 I still am walking in Faith and discovering new things daily that God puts before me, I know I am not as strong as I need to be maybe not as I used to be but I know that I can get stronger every day, that the fun of a adventure and I thank God for the mind set that he has given me to enjoy the day and explore the journey and to live my Faith.

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