Journey 2018 – At Our Shout

Even in a glass sphere sitting atop my desk; a sound rings out—changing my heart and my mind for a deeper purpose.

We are surrounded by sounds and vibrations of colors that God intends to change the very course of our life.

Think about it. Sound (color) contains power. When you hear the notes of your favorite song, the atmosphere of your heart changes. When your subconscious perceives the subtle sounds imbued upon your favorite movie, your experience completely changes.

Sound matters to life. Moods change by it. The momentum of a football game will shift at the crowd noise. Battles are engaged at the commander’s cry.

All things move by a sound.

Now, please hang with me for a minute. This may seem like I’m stretching a simple topic into more than it really is. But, I believe God is working to show us that small changes in our atmosphere can make huge changes in our journey toward greater life.

It doesn’t take much thought to understand the critical importance of sound (and even the vibration of colors). Sound is hope—it creates purpose and meaning in the pursuit of our dreams. It determines the atmosphere of our hearts. It gives context to everything we do. Even the art in your home determines the truths by which we walk.

Biblically, God cares about the sound we make.

We all know the story, don’t we—the story of Jericho (Joshua 6)? Fascinating, isn’t it? Israel marches around the city once a day for seven days at the instruction of the Lord. On the seventh day, they march around their enemy seven times more; and at the end of the seventh journey around the city, they blow their shofars (ram’s horns), and give a final shout—a battle cry! We all know the result—the walls came crashing down!

Simple story…but not simple in application. Certainly, obedience is a key factor in victory; but what about the trumpets, and the final shout? Why were they necessary? Seems almost ridiculous from a logical perspective. God could have moved miraculously without Israel’s participation. But, I have to believe that God wired us to make sounds as part of making real our journey toward becoming the fullest picture of our divine story.

All us have walls through which we must breakthrough to better lands. Physical walls… mental ones… financial blockades… emotional distresses… there are barriers of all kinds keeping us from the next steps of our story. And part of the weaponry we’ve been given is sound.

Words. Music. Worship. Prayer. Encouragements to others and their’s toward you. The colors of art… Our sound and art choices are myriad. They have power to do more than we can imagine. If by a Word, God could create all that we see, then certainly the inspired sounds placed within you can shift your atmosphere toward victory and success.

Today, examine your borders. Discover the sounds you need; ask Jesus for revelation. Choose to fill your life with the right sounds. Vibrations that heal; that create vision; that take you further rather than keeping you in your funk and stagnation.

If you keep at it, I believe you will find yourself in a completely different atmosphere by this time next year. Let 2018 be the journey that breaks down new barriers!

10 thoughts on “Journey 2018 – At Our Shout

  1. Water is the source of life for all living things ,but the reflective power it contains reminds me to reflect my Fathers Love to the world and that is truly the source of Life ! Thank you Pastor for your ears that hear His Word 🤗

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  2. joyfullyhis1

    You don’t know how much I miss all the sounds at Sunday service at Zions River! I’m kept away these days by my current situation, care of my elderly mother. As I read your meditation, I cry right now for selfish reasons, I want my life back! But, I have been walking in this life long enough to know “ this to shall pass” . My life must be on hold for my mother. Not long ago, I was so frustrated by the cares of this journey! My Adult grandson told me, Grandma, put on some praise music and get in the Lords presence. As I did laundry and cleaned house, I had my favorite songs on and truly the atmosphere changed and a strengthening came in. This is the power of His life giving praise and worship, the highest sound that we have so freely been given, His voice, His presence, His worship and praise!

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  3. Amen! I really do believe that we have power in the words we speak! Just like the Bibke says we have the power to either speak life or death in our tongues. That is so absolutely true too!!!!!!!
    I want to share something that recently happened Pastor!!!!!!!

    Thursday of last week, GOD led me to watch a video on YouTube on the power of healing. This man (FIRECHARGER) he was just a regular average person, just like I am, but everything he said though was biblical and truth. He said that we have the power within us to claim healing on our own selves in JESUS’ name. We can lay hands on people and heal too from HIS power within us. I know I have heard this even preached in sermons, being formally a Baptist though, we were never taught this, so I have never tested it out, at least not before last week. Last Friday morning, I woke up to some very painful cramps, and GOD reminded that I did just watch this video, so I placed my hand on the areas of my pain and said “BE HEALED IN JESUS’ NAME, I and was able to heal my cramps myself from JESUS’ powers within me. I have even laid hands too on my husband’s back and knee too and within minitues of me laying my hand on the areas saying “BE HEALED IN JESUS’ NAME”, my husband had no pain in these areas! This has really really had changed my perspective. We don’t have to beg GOD for healing. We just need to have enough faith, (that mustard seed faith), and then go do it, because it’s not our power, it’s HIS, and what a better way to really live in your faith!!! That Friday morning of last week, (I went into work that same day) and it was freezing cold out but I had praised GOD all the way to work singing praises to HIM, in fact I played “same power, by Jeremy Camp, just sang praises to HIM all the way to work, I was just amazed at what had happened,) and I am not joking, I came into work on a freezing cold day, sweating, and fully energized too!!!!! HIS power is real!

    We that belong to JESUS have the very same powers that HE gave to HIS 12 disciples! JESUS even said we would do greater things in HIS name, because HE was going to be with the Father, John 14:12-14 😀

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      1. YEAH!!!! Get em ignited! All it that’s is just a strike from a match to light a fire, and Pastor, this was all I needed! I don’t know why I have not done this before last week but Thank you JESUS for loving us. Thank you JESUS for taking care of yours always!!! It’s definitely increased my faith!

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