Journey 2018 – One Step at A Time

My heart is being powerfully encouraged—God is stirring great hope in so many!

As I hear people’s testimonies, as I see the shift in the atmosphere of the Church, I thank God for the inspiration of His leading!  When we go where He leads, all things begin to come into alignment with divine purpose.

In our journey of intentional becoming (yes, I’m coining a new phrase 😉), I see the Lord recreating our hearts with a passion and boldness for where we know we’re supposed to stand.  I see hearts saying, “I’m going to believe no matter what.  I’m going to take that one step beyond my perceived limitations.  I’m going to be who God says that I am!”  And people are doing it—they’re connecting their belief to their faith and beginning to live-out who God says they are!

We’re in a God-moment!

We may be coming to the end of January where most people’s pursuit of a transformative new year begins to wane, but allow me to cheer you on.  Don’t back-off!  Don’t let up!  See who God has made you to be, and be that!

Don’t worry about how big your vision is.  Don’t look at the long road ahead.  Learn to enjoy taking the one step across the line of your yesterday’s limitation.  We do this life one step at a time.  All you got to do today is the one thing you didn’t do yesterday.  Do that for a few days, and then add another step.  Keep walking and pretty soon you’ll see that you are standing in a completely different land.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?  Well, that’s the power of truth.  The Gospel tells us, “To the Jews who had believed Him, ‘If you abide in my Word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31-32, ESV)

The Word “abide” means to live in—to dwell in a new place.  When we’re living-out in real action what God reveals, the automatic result is freedom—new joy…renewed passion…fresh power!  You find that what you thought were limitations were actually false boundaries; they were lies!

Let God reveal afresh to you this huge truth: your breakthrough is in your own hands!  You simply have to believe God’s Word to you.  Believe in His love for you.  Believe that you are perfectly fitted for the assignment that lies before you.  He has filled you with His Spirit; you are already enabled to accomplish all He has shown you.

Provision is always on the other side of your decision.  When a baby decides she can walk, she walks.  When an artist decides he loves painting, he creates the time to grow in his gifting.  When youth begin to believe they were called to heal the sick, then they begin the long arduous journey toward medical school.  Provision always comes as you believe!

Truth will always set you free into your divine story; but, you must live in that truth in order for it to transform your reality.  If you wait for the strength, the recognition, or the provision, then you will be waiting a long time.  Listen to Jesus—hold His Word…believe it…live in it; and your life will unfold into the beautiful glory he saw from the beginning of creation.

4 thoughts on “Journey 2018 – One Step at A Time

  1. anna w

    Yes! Coming to this church that I now call my home has given me so much hope! A huge weight feels like it has literally been lifted off of my chest! Each day is a struggle as I am working on making myself a better me, but knowing God is with me and loving me through all my mistakes and helps me to wake up and keep fighting!
    I’ve stressed and put myself down for so long because when I’ve tried I have failed. I get mad at myself and think, “what’s the point if I just keep failing!” I just want to throw In the towel and give up. But I keep pushing and keep fighting. God loves us so SO much! Thank you Pastor!!!

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  2. joyfullyhis1

    Seems I’m lost in the trials of life right now and I just woke up and can’t sleep. I’m upset and irritated! I’m just rolling around in bed just mad about it! So I thought I’d see if you had a meditation. Reading it, I know what’s wrong, I am looking at the “long road ahead” and forgetting to live in the “steps” of this day. I’m bringing tomorrow’s perceived troubles into this day. So, I am not irritated anymore but feel like a weight is lifted because all I have to do is live in the new day of today in His Word for me for today and be free as I trust in Him for the rest of the journey. Thank you Pastor! Goodnight. 😴

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    1. Good morning, Barbara. I’m encouraged always by your sensitivity to the Lord’s leading in all circumstances. You truly are “becoming more” in your current season. We’re praying for you!


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