Journey 2018 – Into What You Cannot See

Valentine’s Day is good and all…and I’m sure you hear the “but” coming…BUT, let’s talk about something more…I’ll let you fill in the blank. 😉

We all walk a path that leads to places we can’t imagine.

After 18 posts on our “Journey 2018,” we should be coming to the belief that the road is wide open for us. We may not be able to see beyond the foliage in front of us, but there really are no limitations to who we are becoming. Although there may be challenges, and in some cases, huge obstacles to overcome, God always provides clear steps in the direction of His possibilities.

If you happen to be reading my blog for the first time, why don’t you take some time and go back and look at my posts from the beginning of “Journey 2018.” I promise you, it will help you think differently about this year’s process of becoming who you know God has made you to be.

As we’ve been unfolding the variety of issues in this Journey, the truth of God’s goodness is surfacing and overwhelming any stalemated battles we face. In Christ, we truly have a different way of looking at life and seeing things the way they truly are. While it may be true that the difficulties we traverse may loom dark over our lives at times, it is a greater truth that God is our light leading us into purposed, albeit uncharted, waters.

Jesus truly loves us! He has gifted our souls with the power filled tools required for our uniquely written story.  We are complete in Him!

Consider Jesus’ words to you: “You are the light of the world!” (Matthew 5:14) God sees you as endowed with incredible influence. No matter what you think of your gift package, or your current lot in life, you have been made to breakthrough every obstacle and be light to the world!

Being light is not perfection, but living purposefully under God’s sovereign design. Issues do not surprise the Lord. He knew you from the beginning of time and has perfectly suited you to bear His glory (goodness and love) in the earth at this specific time.

Be encouraged. God is not surprised by your current circumstances. He has not withheld anything from you. He has given you everything you need to demonstrate His goodness in the earth. In such simple Words, Jesus has described you as perfectly fitted to bear His light in the earth.

Sometimes we wish things to be different. So, we exercise our faith to see the intervening power of God. But at the end of the day, know that all things are being used to bring about a greater light in the earth.

Your are that light!

My encouragement to you on this Valentine’s Day is simple. Take one more step toward becoming a clearer picture of God’s love in the earth. Don’t worry about what you’re achieving near as much as walking in the peace of who God has made you to be in this moment. Being who He has called you to be is of far greater wealth than any applause.

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