The Next Move of God – Searching the Horizon

We’re always looking toward the horizon—hoping to see what we long for.  Believing for something better.  Longing for the next great move of God.  Knowing that our big breakthrough is just around the corner.

Through 28 years of full-time ministry, I have listened and searched for where God was moving next.  I looked for the next great outpouring.  I watched for the next revival.  I hoped.  I prayed…and I prayed some more; but the next great thing always seemed just beyond my grasp.

Of course, there have been many signs and wonders along the way.  Hints of things to come.  Miracles to draw us into the future.  And of course, there have always been men and women of God declaring the good things God is doing in diverse places.

But still, the questions loomed in my heart, year after year…decade after decade.  Where next, God?

Well, more recently, a new sense of things arose in my heart—a fresh understanding.  My soul stirred with renewed hope.  The answer was staring at me in the face all along.  Jesus’ response to my question was unexpected.  It confronted my normal mode of operation—my earthly thinking.  It challenged my perceived needs.  The Lord was revealing something afresh in me—I was becoming aware that my search was almost over.

Then it came…like a flood…the thought hit me, “I believe because I am loved.  I’ve always been loved.  I’m not waiting for anything more real than what I have right now.”  I did not need to be made more right.  I did not need to be taught better success strategies.  I did not need another move of God.

I simply needed to know that I am not alone.  God was with me.  I had everything I needed.

The truth is so simple.  At the deepest places of the human heart, our need is pretty plain.  When we get past all the natural longings of the flesh, we all want what everybody wants…to know that our lives matter…that someone cares about us.  When you strip away the veneer of religious trappings, whether they be the traditions of church culture or the atmosphere of the supernatural, we are all the same.  We want the meaning that flows from being loved and loving others.

Over the next several weeks, I want to partner with you in a journey of searching out the depths of this Gospel and its power to transform life and all its surroundings.

You see, the secret to the longings of our heart is this: there is no new move of God to look for; He has already done it all!  Every promise is already fulfilled in the cross.  It’s wired into all of creation.  This is the gospel—Jesus paid it all!  No one has a special access card to the power of God.  There is no individual ministry or church out there that has the keys of the Kingdom more than anyone else.

For all who believe, they already have access to everything that is heaven and Spirit!

For now, consider these heartfelt sentiments of the Psalmist, “Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, you know it altogether.  You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me.  Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high; I cannot attain it.”(Psalm 139:4-6, ESV) Listen to the Word.  The hand of God is already upon you!  He is not far.  The Lord is already working!

How are we to live, then, under this awesome “good news?”  Let’s find out!

© March 8th, 2018; James Sheen

14 thoughts on “The Next Move of God – Searching the Horizon

  1. Many times I have questioned God only to find out that if I live by Faith in him I need not to worry, God is the answer its not about any Religion like you said its about living by his word and remembering that he never questions us and why should we question him all we have to do is ask and he will answer, it may not always be what we except but he will answer, we just have to make sure we listen I know I need to listen better than sometimes I do, but I prayed this morning and asked him to help me do better, now I need to be aware when he calls. ! Thanks Pastor Jim for all you do.

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  2. joyfullyhis1

    Man, I am so excited to hear what you will bring us in meditations especially when you bring out the words of psalm 139…the hand of the Lord is already upon us! That’s an action I remember from my own father as a child. That he was there and wherever we went, he would direct us to stay near by simply placing his hand on our shoulder or taking our hand. We didn’t know of danger or even where we might be going but he did and while we enjoyed the day, he was always watching over us.

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  3. Want share something with you:::::

    My associate pastor had such a powerful testimony he shared in church last night. I was not in church myself last night, but I did go back and watched it online. He shared that his sister who is incarcerated had a massive heart attack this past Monday while in prison. The prison she is in, called him this past Monday, and let him know she had a heart attack, but they did not give him any more information (her where about, or any update on her health etc.)
    He said that he called periodically all throughout the same day (this past Monday) and tried and tried to get more information and only to be told “WE CANNOT GIVE OUT THAT INFORMATION”
    Finally he said he got frustrated enough to the point of making that last call and demanding they tell him how she was doing. They kept telling him that they could not give him any information. He said he asked finally “IS MY SISTER DEAD” CAN YOU TELL ME THAT, PLEASE? They told him if that were to happen, the family would be called in immediately.

    Tuesday, the very next day, the prison calls him again, only this time to ask that he gather his whole family and come to where they had her (not sure what hospital she is in) but she was placed on life support though and that was the only thing that was keeping her alive. He said on his way there, Pastor said he cried to GOD “HOW CAN THIS BE, (He was crying sharing this story) HOW CAN THIS BE, I HAVE NOT HAD THE CHANCE TO SHARE JESUS WITH HER YET GOD” PLEASE DON’T LET HER DIE!!’’’(she was not saved, at least not prior to this happening)
    He prayed that GOD would not let her die. They arrived there at the hospital, getting ready to prepare themselves to make a decision, to keep her on life support or remove her off of it. Pastor said he and his whole family went in to see her. Everyone of course was very upset. Some of the family asked him what they should do. Pastor replied, we can do the only thing I know to do…PRAY TO GOD. Pastor walked over to his sister lying in the bed, and he Prayed and then went and he laid his hand on her forehead, and He just started praying to GOD to HEAL HER. Pastor said shortly after he laid his hand on her head, and started praying to JESUS for JESUS TO HEAL HER , AND THEN SHE ROSE RIGHT UP AND SAT UP STRAIGHT UP IN THE BED, AND SHE STARTED BREATHING ON HER OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father–John 14:12

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  4. Amen!!!! “Strip away religion”

    I have decided to follow JESUS. I have decided to follow JESUS. I have decided to follow JESUS, NO TURNING BACK, NO TURNING BACK!

    I don’t need nobody’s religion, religion is what divides us. I only want JESUS and JESUS bridges the gaps. There’s no division in HIM. There’s no black churches or white churches… it’s just GOD’S house coming together with one thing for sure in common—- THE DESIRE FOR JESUS.

    Great word as always Pastor!!!!!!

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