The Next Move of God — Playing

I heard the birds singing this morning!  Peaceful.  Soul-soothing.  Their sound pierces the darkness.  They’re a sign…aren’t they?

Something new is on the horizon.

What a beautiful melody to my soul!  Don’t you love the shift of seasons?!  Spring changes everything.  The sun is out; flowers are budding; it actually feels warm—and not only to our bones, but to our souls.

The mood is shifting!

The scene is the perfect prelude to what I would like to share, today.  There is a move of God coming.  But, it’s not new, and it has always been around.  The move of God comes down to one simple Word: TRANSFORMATION.  While most church and spiritual movements tend to leave one hungry and almost desperate for more.  The promise of God was never meant to be fleeting.  The Gospel was never given as a momentary panacea.  Jesus came to give us life, not events.

The agenda of heaven has always been growth and transformation.  All creation has always been wired to reveal it.  God never came to give us temporary experiences of His love and power, and then, expect us to bide our time until we could get our next supernatural fix.  The Gospel is now, tomorrow, and every day after that!

This has always been the move of God.  He speaks; He acts; He fills.  We hear; we see; and we are forever changed!

Our challenge is: will we allow true and lasting change to manifest?

Understand this, then.  Our struggle with true transformation goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden.  The original problem of the Fall of Humanity was more than the issue of sin entering the world.  Something happened before sin was even unleashed on this world.  Something that I believe is darker and more sinister, and even more deceptive.  Adam and Eve wanted the gift of insight—the right to be right in their own eyes.  They were seduced by the power of their own personal righteousness.  They ate of the forbidden “Tree” because it looked good to their eyes and gave the illusion of “making one wise.”  They wanted to wield the power of knowledge as they saw fit.  They wanted to determine right and wrong on their own.  It was no different than Satan’s fall from heaven.  They saw a way to ascend power, but in this case, it was through their own “knowledge.”

Look at all the struggles we see today in our culture.  It’s the Adam and Eve problem over and over again.  Anger is escalating.  Violence is ramping up.  Why?  Because we have to be more right than anyone else, and therefore, we cannot receive anything new!

In all my years of ministry, I have seen this mindset over and over again—a mind that says, “I already know the truth.”  This mindset has only brought pain and hurt and has only held the Church and humanity back from the true transformative power of the love of our Father.

God cannot give to a dead-ended mind.

I believe this is at the heart of why Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14, ESV) Unless subjected to pain and hurt, a child naturally lives in a joyful mode—learning, growing and experiencing life.  They see everyone as their friend, and every moment as an opportunity for play.  Their innocence grants them the gift of awe and wonder…and transformation as they engage life through their play.

My encouragement to you is simple.  Run, shout, and make a game out of everything.  I believe that our transformation begins on the playground of life.  Let God give you the gift of a playful spirit.  Don’t take yourself so seriously.  Enjoy your freedom.  You are not more right than anyone else.  You are not humanity’s solution to their problem.  Jesus is—it’s His problem.  Jesus is the way; He’s the truth; He’s the life.  We are simply the testimony to what He is doing in our lives.

If you’re not being changed and having fun; if there is no joy in your life, why would anyone join you?!

This is the beginning of transformation—not seeing life or others as projects to affirm your wisdom or success but rejoicing in what God has done and is doing in your life.  Get in touch with what God is calling you to be.  Have fun with it.  Grow with it.  Then…testify!  Speak of how good God is to you and watch what happens.  Spring will come!

Only by your transformation will other children be drawn onto God’s playground.

9 thoughts on “The Next Move of God — Playing

  1. Myra

    Oh, that every child of God would know and have the “Full Measure of Christ’s Joy within them” (John 17:13), Joy not based on feelings, but God’s Presence within them! This is True Joy!

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  2. What a powerful dose of truth! Amen!!!

    “God cannot give to a dead-ended mind”
    JESUS is the way, the truth, and the life, and we are simply sharing our testimony of who JESUS is to us and what JESUS has done for us! AMEN!!!

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