The Next Move of God — You Are It

Yesterday was pi-Day—my 54th birthday! I’m not quite sure how to feel about that. In some ways, I am greatly encouraged by all that the Lord has done in that time—I have been abundantly blessed! In others ways, it feels too large of a number compared to what’s left. And in still other ways, 54 reminds me that I might need to hurry up on a few of my life goals.

Nonetheless, these unique celebrations give us a moment of reflection—to consider how important our days are.

As it is for all of us, our birthdays are a vital reminder, not simply of our birth, but that our lives matter—that they have meaning and purpose. Birthdays tell us that we came from somewhere and that we’re ultimately going somewhere; and that all the days in between have been given to us to creatively manifest who we were meant to be. In them all, our Heavenly Father, our Daddy, sows the seeds of vision and story.

So, here’s my point: YOU are the move of God in the earth. No fuller expression of God’s work exists anywhere. No one knows you better than God Himself, and no one knows best what He wants to do through you. You are God’s best work where you stand.

The truth is so simple that we often overlook it; we even dismiss it. We see ourselves as small and insignificant. We see ourselves as overlooked, and unworthy of attention. We see our problems as bigger than our tomorrows. We’re really not sure if our existence matters, so we don’t act like it.

Instead, we keep looking for the next great thing, the next great move of God to make up for what we’re lacking. And by doing so, we miss the fact that the next great thing God is doing is wrapped up in the package that is us.

This is where the power of the Gospel comes in!

Jesus said, “Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’” (John 7:38) In other words, the move of God feels strongest with you. The gospel does not flow from without, but from within. God’s power flows most powerfully FROM you!

You see, by His death and resurrection, Jesus cancelled all debts that we may owe God. He removed any potential to blame our past on where we’re not going. He makes every promise of scripture available to us, today. There is no waiting! God’s best plans are already laid up within us.

Armed with such truth, we no longer have to wander the earth wondering where is God working the most. It’s right where you live!

Now that is something to rejoice about! There is nothing to fear about tomorrow. It’s already taken care of. I simply get to trust Him as He leads me to be the force of His love in the earth.

Take that and run! Have fun…today IS the move of God through you!

6 thoughts on “The Next Move of God — You Are It

  1. joyfullyhis1

    I once had really injured my back and got bad news on the MRI. As I was laid up, I began to “resist” the devil and tell him and my back about the healing power of my saviors sacrifice for me. It was a painful, intense struggle to “fight the fight”. Then the healing manifested and I went back to my job. A sister in Christ just told me there is a church in San Diego where a healing anointing is moving. I just marvel at that kind of thinking and to travel somewhere and pay expenses to get what’s already rightfully ours as believers. Why is it we don’t want to stand and possess our promises? My longing for the Church is to look to the cross and obtain all its benefit, possses our land! 😔


  2. Hey Happy Birthday. I really like your message I just had my 71st Birthday, I have often wondered how I made it this far because of the things that I used to do, but I realize that God knows exactly how long he wants be here and its not my decision to make, for that reason I never lose Faith and I do what I think I should be doing according to his words, the Path we have was meant to be. Thanks Jim for all this I really enjoy starting my day off with this.
    Take Care


  3. AMEN!!! LOVE this Pastor! Our stories of who we were before CHRIST and who we have become because of CHRIST is the move of GOD through us! I am not fearing tomorrow, because I know that I am covered under GOD’S umbrella of protection. If I die, I just get to be with HIM. Death is not the end for the CHRISTIAN, and age is just a number!

    Happy belated birthday 🎂 Pastor!!!

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