The Next Move of God — Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting…how fun is that!

When I saw my son and grandson out “geocaching,” and posting their adventure on Instagram, the joy in me rose-up saying, “That is so cool!”  I didn’t realize it was still a thing out there!

Isn’t there something in you that finds the thought of hunting for hidden treasure left by strangers, truly stirring.  Following the guidance of a unique phone app to “cached” treasure troves does something to our child-like hearts.  Isn’t there at least a little stirring in you to hunt for these hidden packages.  Perhaps you’ve seen the apps online?  If you haven’t, you really should check it out!  (Just make sure to replace any treasure you find with your own unique deposit.)

As a child, the possibility of finding treasure like this would have been overwhelmingly exciting.  But now, as adults, our hunt takes on bigger and more developed pursuits.  We have dreams and careers to develop.  Homes to buy.  Books to write.  Art to create.

In the supernatural, the hunt becomes the next great move of God.  Unleashing heaven on earth.  Empowering the church to release the supernatural works of God.  So we hunt, looking for the next big find.  Hoping for the next great encounter that would unleash all of heaven’s resources upon all life.

Believe me when I say, “There is a better truth—a better gospel!”

The move of God is and has always been right where you live!  You can’t escape the move of God.  It surrounds you.  It infuses you.  Destinations do not define it.  Events do not contain it.  It’s a lifestyle–a way of Kingdom living.  The move of God has always unfolded as an eternal promise that grants us hope and courage for every day living rather than a treasure hunt that never finds complete fulfillment–for that’s just religion!

Jesus’ gospel on the other hand brings freedom.  There’s no longer a need to hunt for anything.  There’s simply the daily discovery of what heaven is releasing THROUGH our lives.

Because of this gospel, I have discovered that one of the most precious promises of scripture is found in a simple sentence, “For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.” (Romans 8:14) God could give us no greater freedom than the choice to follow Him into the story that has been ordained for each one of us.  In those stories are failures and victories, hate and love, great disappointment and great joy.  And in it all, we live; we overcome; we experience victory; and we become the best version of ourselves.  We find the true freedom from every chain and encumbrance.

There are no boundaries or limitations with being led by the Spirit of the Lord.  Everyday is an adventure.  Every day is filled with opportunity—you never run out of divine appointments to love and to be loved…to discover what you’ve not known before.  Life simply unfolds in a beautiful tapestry of purpose and design by a mind greater than our own.

Find your peace in this: the abundant life is not found in amassed treasures, but the secret of being content in all circumstances (Philippians 4:11-13).  As we choose the Spirit-led life, you can be assured that you are perfectly situated in the hands of the Father.  When you discover that, then you have found the true move of God!

2 thoughts on “The Next Move of God — Treasure Hunting

  1. joyfullyhis1

    Holy WOW! Your meditation was supercharged! I was up cuz I couldn’t sleep. I was laying in my bed thanking the Lord for space, the room I have in my home …, weird maybe, but then I got up and went into the kitchen and started a potato salad that I will finish in the morning. The Lord was there in my kitchen and the Spitit spoke these tried and true words…..always so simple….One does not have to have a mansion to be happy, one does not have to wait to be equipt to serve God, one has already resources to be a blessing! It doesn’t take winning the lottery or even getting that special job…. $10 bucks or $500 bucks. … someone has a need and we are the answer! We are filled with Zoe, Imanuel is with us, and we know the greatest of loves! The “world” around us truly is “our oyster” ….., GO LIVE, GO LOVE ❤️

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