In the Moment — Dad

I heard a song last night…and my heart remembered.

I miss my Dad. I want to hear his voice and feel His strength.

At 54, there still exists a deep place within me that only my Father can fill. A place where only “Dad” can speak and make everything all right. This space in my heart still yearns for that voice that has the ability to silence all other voices and quell the fears that plague all humans.

In moments like this, I see that the Father of all fathers wants to be something that no human parent can provide—His perfect love.

My words are simple and concise in this moment of personal inspiration. God is far more than we imagine Him to be. Allow Him to be what you cannot find.

3 thoughts on “In the Moment — Dad

  1. Anonymous

    Amen- “allow GOD to be what you cannot find.”
    That’s it!! JESUS fills the void. HE gives what we lack. JESUS gives us what we truly need.
    Good word Pastor!!!

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